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Why Collaborative Divorce?


Collaborative Practice is a process in which parties are empowered to resolve their divorce without going to court.


The Benefits

Collaborative Practice embraces a team approach that includes:

Divorce Coach
Financial Advisor
Child Specialist where applicable


Instead of a court deciding the outcome of your divorce, you and your spouse/partner will negotiate a mutually acceptable resolution.


All information which is relevant and material to the matter is voluntarily disclosed by the parties in accordance with California Law.


Collaborative Divorce helps you and your spouse continue to communicate after the divorce by encouraging respectful and meaningful interactions throughout the divorce process.

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More Information

Divorce Collaborative Style

Watch this video on YouTube that offers more information on the benefits of Collaborative Divorce,

Let No Court Put Asunder

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California Collaborative

California Collaborative  is dedicated to increasing public awareness of the Collaborative process throughout California.

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We’ll help you move forward with your life

There is nothing pleasant about divorce. With Collaborative, you’ll have a voice in the process, you’ll understand your options, and you’ll be part of the outcome.

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